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Dietary therapy has historically been a major pillar of Chinese medicine & Ayurveda. For internal or systemic problems, cleaning up the diet and eating in a balanced, nourishing way is fundamental for establishing good health. Each type of fruit, vegetable, grain, meat, nut has unique, therapeutic properties. I help you with individualized dietary guidance, and let you know which foods you should eat more of or eliminate according to your constitution. Learn about what to eat for cleansing and weight loss, better digestion, allergy elimination, stronger immunity, or exhaustion & stress. A healthy, whole foods diet is an essential component of living a long and fulfilling life. In some cases, food alone is not enough. We can customize a supplement regimen for your short-term or long-term nutrition needs.

Initial Virtual Video Consultation $135 / 60 minute follow up $95 / 30 minute follow up $55

Home visits also available at additional charge, please email for more information or to schedule your consultation.


Classes & Workshops

Evenings with the Elements - A class series that explores seasonal health & wellness through the lens of Chinese medicine.

Evenings with the Elements: Autumn Workshop at The Commune on November 6th, 2019. Tickets available here.

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5 Days Away

5 Days Away is a distance-led social media cleanse for body, mind & spirit. Participants receive daily emails that include recipes for healing and therapeutic foods, meditations that help calm the mind and ground you in the present moment, and creative and mindfulness exercises on how to break bad habits and tune in to your own unique life. Each 5 Days starts with a Welcome + How to Prep email including a personal video from me explaining the intentions of the program. Participants also receive a curated 5 Days Away gift box filled with thoughtful, beautiful, and useful items to make the week as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Stay in touch with @medicine_kitchen for notifications on the next 5 Days Away program. When a program is open for registration, it will appear in the Products page.