Autumn: The Metal Phase and Season of the Lungs

Autumn is associated with Metal in Chinese medicine. It is a phase of declining energy in nature, the world and all beings preparing for Winter, the weather becoming dry and cooler, the high activity of Summer coming to an end. We associate the Lungs as the primary organ of Autumn and the Metal phase. The Lungs are affected easily by this drier air and often will get thrown out of balance producing coughs and colds, allergies may be exacerbated, and skin conditions may aggravate. Protect your Lungs by taking preventative herbs, doing steam inhalations, and practicing qi gong breathing exercises! 

Foods for Fall nourish the Spleen and Stomach, which in turn nourish the Lungs as well. Sweet potato, winter squashes, warming spices, pears, and radishes will all benefit your Lung system. 

On an emotional level, melancholy and grief are emotions relevant to the Metal phase of Autumn. Fall is a good time to begin to recoil from the outgoing summer months and to begin to slow down (if ever so slightly) to harness our energy as we will need it for the winter months. It is a good time to be more introspective and to work on resolving, or at least coming to terms with, any underlying emotional issues. Walks in the crisp dry air with deep breaths will aid this immensely. :)