Homemade Cough Syrup

My husband was the first, then passed it on to me, then our poor little babe got his first baby cough last week. While it’s truly heartbreaking to see a 3 month old try to cough up phlegm from his little baby lungs, children are the best responders to herbal remedies and will often not need any further treatment if you catch things quickly - of course, if they are running fever over 100.4 or have labored breathing, that’s a definite visit to your MD. But his cough is all but gone now, and all it seemed to take was some pediatric herbs, some nasal rinse, a lot of patting on the back, and some time. For yourself, try this simple adult concoction to break up your own phlegm and ease a sore throat:

2 parts Local, raw honey

½ part Lemon juice

½ part Apple Cider Vinegar

Pinch of Ginger or Cayenne powder

Mix up a batch of this to your preferred taste (~¼ C) and keep it for a few days, taking spoonfuls up to 3-4x day as needed for cough. ♥