Need to freshen up your cookbook library? I have used all of these books lately for references or ideas or inspiration and they all have great things to offer. I’m very excited to finally read through The Complete Tassajara Cookbook (from the folks at the Tassajara Zen Center in northern CA - which has a renowned vegetarian kitchen for their guests), it’s loaded with information, recipes and simple wisdom. Food Over Medicine and The Tastes of Ayurveda focus on using food for therapeutic results, the former determined to get you off your medication by changing your diet and the latter using ancient Ayurvedic principles and guidelines for different body types - you learn about your body type through her book and can easily follow her visual key for making sure certain recipes are a “good, better, or best” fit for you individually. Fun! And then there’s Gwyneth. It’s All Good actually has some wonderfully tasty and beautiful recipes inside. But it’s also pretty much an editorial photo shoot for the uber-refined actress. So know that going in, or you’ll be, like, “GAWD more photos of the naturally flawless GWYNETH??” But the recipes are winning and Julia Turshen (her co-author) is pretty much adorable and knows what tastes really good. In addition to being very pretty, it is also healthy (it really is!) and has loads of allergy-free recipes. ♡