Onion Steam Remedy

It’s getting to be that time of year… we travel, swim, stay outdoors, play in the lake, endure the swelling allergies of spring. It’s common for adults and children alike to get ear infections/swimmer’s ear/ear aches this time of year - and there is a wonderful home remedy I learned from a naturopath that just may nip these ear troubles in the bud. The onion steam. I’ve used it a handful of times with 100% success as have several of my clients and their children. It’s a really useful tactic & a great example of what Medicine Kitchen is all about. Onions are anti-microbial and their steam will help open up the ear, drain fluid, relieve pain, and kill bacteria. 

Onion Steam for Ear Aches:

1 white onion



cheesecloth or other thin cloth (i.e. linen or thin cotton)

Cut the onion in half or chop about 1/3 of it off from a stemmed end, revealing the circular layers within. Make several evenly dispersed knife cuts in the onion on the cut side. Microwave the onion for about 30-40 seconds - it will be hot and steamy upon removal, so be careful. Wrap the onion in cheesecloth or linen towel and hold the cut side over the affected ear - feeling the steam penetrate into the ear canal. Lie back and relax with the steam on for 30-40 minutes and repeat if necessary until pain is diminished. 

Try it out and see if it’s what the doctor ordered! If it’s not, go to the doctor and get something he DOES order. :)

Have any other home-remedies you have learned and loved? Let me know!