Natural Skincare for the Win


I’ve had some interest and inquiry lately into my own skincare routine. I often help clients with skin issues like acne, dryness, or eczema, so I’m sharing some of my favorite products here today! I like to keep things simple & honestly don’t use many fancy products for my own skin. I have to give thanks to a local Austin apothecary, Sabia, for carrying such an amazing selection of natural skincare & introducing me to some of these gems: 

Thayer’s Witch Hazel with Rose / Weleda Rose Day Cream: 

  • Rose can treat redness and inflammation. It has been transformative for my own skin to use rose-infused products. These two grocery-store bought items are always in my cabinet and make my skin feel super soft, soothed, and calm.

Environmental Cleanser by Inventive Eco-Organics:

  • This cleanser was a big tool for me in achieving problem-free skin. It has grapefruit seed and oregano oil, MSM, aloe juice, rose hip oil and lavender water… these agents fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, hydrate, help collagen synthesis, and it smells divine. As I’m relatively minimal with my products- this is my splurge and I buy it at Sabia here in Austin I massage my cleanser into my skin for at least a full minute or even more to really circulate and the move the blood/qi through my whole face. I’m certain this is a crucial part of the “cleansing” step for your skin. Thanks to my friend Elizabeth, the gifted aesthetician at Neu Skin Austin, for teaching me this lesson! 

Jojoba oil / Fig and Yarrow Face Serum:

  • Jojoba oil has done wonders for my skin. Jojoba oil stimulates collagen synthesis, acts similar to our own sebum and can balance dry skin OR oily skin. It can help with wound healing and acne and is a great natural makeup remover. So many uses for jojoba - even to help stimulate hair growth and use on dry scalps.  

RMS Beauty products:

  • RMS Organics is the only makeup brand I currently use on my skin - with their Uncoverup Concealer and Lip2Cheek color pot. I even mix  a tiny bit of concealer with 2 drops of jojoba oil to thin it out & make my face feel hydrated and dewy all day. This makes your product last forever too! RMS is coconut oil based and feels extremely nourishing on your skin. My favorite beauty line by far.

Gua Sha for Face:

  • And what is that jade stone tool up there at the top? That’s my gua sha face tool! Gua Sha is a scraping technique similar to massage that we use in Chinese medicine to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, move qi & blood, and dispel toxins and stagnation from the body. Gua Sha can be used on your face for anti-aging beauty purposes! I love the glow & revitalizing feeling it gives to my face. Hoping to make a Gua Sha for face video soon so all of you can start this simple practice at home. ♡

Summer Bummers? Best natural tips to prepare for the season.

Summertime… and the livin’ is easy… and a little bit brutal, especially in Texas! Try to stock your home with some of my favorite herbal products and tips to have a stress-free season.

1. Best Sunscreen: Badger Sunscreen (Adult or Baby): Badger consistently gets the best ratings for sunscreens from the EWG and is completely natural & organic certified. Badger products are NEVER made with nanoparticles or parabens, ever. I love the lavender scented sunscreen, but they also have fragrance free adult and baby versions. Since Badger is made with Zinc oxide it will tend to be more white in color than mainstream chemical sunscreens - this is a good thing and just takes a little longer to rub in, but is well worth it for your skin.

2. Best Sunburn Remedy: Ching Wan Hung & Egg White Mask: Ching Wan Hung is an all-time favorite medicine cabinet product at my house. It is a Chinese herbal balm for burns of all sorts - rug burns, sun burns, steam burns, even severe burns in hospitals! - it is amazing. Keep this at home all summer and see how handy it can be. If you are really in a pickle - whisk some egg whites and brush on a mask to your burned skin and let sit until it dries. You can repeat this remedy for several days until your skin looks healed and the redness has gone down. It’s truly remarkable!

3. Best Bug Bite Remedy: White Flower Oil & Cedarwood Oil: The mosquitoes. Thorns in our sides. I like to have these oils on hand for when the bites get too itchy or painful to handle. Dap 1-2 drops of oil into a cotton ball and apply it to irritated skin. With little ones, you might want to keep a vial of diluted cedarwood oil on hand for applications, as using the pure essential oil can be too strong for them, although the white flower oil is ready to go!

4. Best Ear Ache Remedy: Onion steam & Grapefruit Seed Extract: Long ago, I posted my favorite home remedy for ear aches - the onion steam. You can read all the details of that right here. If feels so good, and releases so much pressure on the inner ear. In addition to the steam, for swimmer’s ear or bacterial ear infections you can easily use hydrogen peroxide drops in each ear, or Grapefruit Seed Extract ear drops. These have always worked so well for me - tea tree oil & grapefruit seed oil are both anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, and anti-microbial, and the combination of the two really cuts out any pain-causing junk. Put a couple drops in each ear and wait for the liquid to penetrate deeply inside the ear canal before shaking it out.

5. Best Acne/Skin Products: Wake up and smell the Rose! Rose is sort of a cure-all for redness problems. In homeopathy, like treats like, so rose (being red) can treat a multitude of red skin issues while promoting a healthier, softer, smoother looking complexion. My favorite rose-infused products are Weleda Wild Rose Facial lotion, Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater, and Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel (alcohol-free). I use these simple products daily on my face - especially during the hot and harsh months - and have never had less skin issues in my life.

Do you have any favorite remedies to combat summer bummers? I’d love to hear them. Now, let’s go swimming!