Sinus Steam

Happy New Year! First post of the new year, let’s get down to business. 

Soooooo many folks sick right now. It’s really the hardest time to maintain your health when it’s freezing and windy, people are traveling, not eating well, stressed out, allergies are high, and pathogens are being passed around like crazy. We had a little bug passed around over Christmas, and I ended up with what seemed like a sinus infection. First one as an adult! Deep congestion, hard to get it out, face & sinus pain, toothache, green snot… not fun. If anyone is having similar symptoms, try this home remedy to help get rid of bacterial infection, open your sinuses, and relieve pain. It got rid of my sinus pain and toothache almost completely after 2 days, and no more green snot, either. I’d say that’s pretty effective!! Eucalyptus and Tea tree oils are very inexpensive, and great to have on hand - both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Oregano oil is pricier but extremely effective in fighting stubborn infection. 

Sinus Steam Cure:

Eucalyptus essential oil

Tea Tree essential oil 

Oregano essential oil, optional

LIght weight towel or large linen/cheesecloth towel

Large pot filled with 3 inches of water


Add 3-5 drops of all oils into water in a large broad pot on the stove. Bring water to about boiling and then turn off the heat. Stand over the pot, drape the towel over your head and the pot and breathe in the steam for 10 minutes, pausing to blow your nose with the tissues every so often when it starts to run & careful not to get your skin too hot. Get that crud out! Repeat 2x per day until symptoms improve. You can actually just leave this same pot of water on the stove and re-heat it several times to save oil. Put a few drops of these oils in your shower too for additional help!