Wow. This morning was one of best days at the farmer’s market I’ve seen all year. Just walking through and seeing so many colors, varieties, & smells of produce is enough to give you inspiration for one hundred meals. Greens are abundant, small and tender in their bundles – ideal for salads and light cooking; bags of baby arugula with that irresistible fresh spiciness; roasting and root vegetables are bright and colorful - the perfect easy side dish. Johnson’s Backyard Garden with THE MOST perfect, sweetest carrots I have ever eaten did not disappoint. I felt guilty to have been there alone without Adam - he really missed out on a perfect Texas winter morning. 

My farmer’s market dishes this week:

Roasted brussel sprouts, purple cauliflower (beautiful!), and peewee potatoes with salt and olive oil.

Bison rib-eyes with arugula salad and shaved brussel sprouts. 

Red quinoa bowls with carrots, purple cabbage, chives, red chili, tamari, and toasted sesame oil. 

Teff and blue corn loaf tartine with apple and havarti cheese, and farm fresh eggs. (this bread is the BOMB! thank you True Nature’s Child!)

…and yellow, orange, red, delicious carrots by the handful. 

If you want more inspiration check out Deborah Madison’s book Local Flavors, which is a great resource for knowledge of farmer’s markets and the cycles of seasonal, local eating.