Reasons to beautify your home workout

I’m gonna be honest and tell y'all that I don’t really like exercising. I mean, i do it, but it’s not something I’m excited to do & I generally am forcing myself to stay on a semi-regular schedule with “workouts”. I prefer to just be active and move throughout the day, take walks, and do some stretching. But there are times when you need more than that for your health. Years ago, I found Ballet Beautiful through my friend Alyson. 


There are many reasons why I came to love these workouts. One, you can do them from home in short increments of 15 minutes. Two, you can stream 2 or more videos together to form longer workouts if you want. Three, they are really pretty! That has big appeal for me. Beauty is inspiring. The instructor is a hard-core ballerina (and new mom), and she is simply gorgeous and proper and graceful and you feel like you are right inside a performing arts studio. Don’t be wrong in assuming this woman is dainty and the workouts might not be hard enough. She is CRAZY FIT. I mean, i often can’t keep up with even a 15 minute session. She just keeps going!! But it’s really fun when you make it through a class and get to feel good about yourself… in the privacy of your own home, of course. ;) You can buy a single streaming video for $8-20 dollars (depending on length of class) and have it forever - very affordable! And now, she has an entire section for you expecting moms called Ballet Baby that is geared towards pre-natal fitness. Thumbs up!