Health Renovations

I’ve noticed many clients I work with on nutrition are stuck in the past with the foods they eat. It’s time to think about upgrading your eating habits, modernizing your palette. Its time to try some new things, because nutrition has come a LONG way since the 1980s. Let’s get with it! 

One of the surprising things I still see is calorie counting! If you are extremely overweight or obese, calorie counting needs to be part of your regimen for initial weight loss. Cutting down on the amount of caloric intake (esp. with portion sizes) is essential to learn in this case. But if you are like most people - slightly overweight, want to lose the belly fat or cut down 10 to 30 lbs - most likely, calorie counting is not going to be the answer for you! More often than not, there is something going on on a deeper hormonal or biochemical level that is preventing you from losing the extra pounds. This is where you need to focus. It all starts with the kinds of foods you are eating, and what THEY are made of, and how they in turn affect your body chemistry. 

This is a great article that explains some of the current research that points to WHAT you eat having the biggest impact on your weight, as opposed to just the quantity of calories. Read it at the NYTimes: