Herbs for Colds & Congestion

I’ve probably come into contact with 100 people lately (in the clinic & out) who have been sick…were getting sick… or in the prime of sick. This season it seems like it’s going around & around & around! Even more than usual. Seeing as it’s been almost a month since it all began, I thought I was home free… until Monday morning when I woke up with a congested nostril, sore throat, and blocked up ear. Great. Looks like this year I’m not getting away without some sort of ‘invasion’, as we call it in Chinese medicine. So, what do I do? A lot of you, like me, can’t just stay home and wallow in it - and who wants to anyway! I’ve got things to do and patients to see. I need a good arsenal of herbs to kick this thing in the butt before it really gets me down. Above is a picture of the 3 main products I always turn to when I feel those first symptoms of a cold or sickness coming on. They have never failed me!! Congaplex by Standard Process will combat any bacterial infection and promote your thymus gland to kick into gear and start fighting back. Gan Mao Ling is a Chinese herbal formula that expels pathogens in the upper body, and Yin Chiao…. well, it’s magic. 

I used to joke with a friend that even if the only bit of knowledge we came away with from four years of acupuncture and Chinese medicine school was finding out about Yin Chiao, it would have been worth it. This is one of those products EVERYONE should have at home at all times. At the first sign of a sore throat, itchy throat or nose, swollen glands - start taking this every few hours and Poof! You won’t get any further symptoms. You can take it in the pill version above, or in powder or liquid form as well. A definite First Aid herbal product! It has saved me now, as it has countless times in the past. 

Pick up these products at your local natural pharmacy, or call us to start building your Home Herbal Medicine Cabinet - these are the first 3 items to get!