Let it go

I have to admit, writing a “healthy living” blog has it’s perks. I can keep up to date with current healthy news, keep pushing myself to try new things and experiment, practice what I preach, keep trying to learn more about my field and spread the word. But some of you may think, “Whoa, this girl is so health-obsessed does she ever have any fun? Does she ever let it go?” Mind you, I find my food and cooking style completely fulfilling… so always fun, and also YES! I definitely let it go every once in a while. 

One of the wonderful things about living a healthy lifestyle is the guilt-free card that comes along with it. My husband doesn’t approve of the whole “guilt” emphasis. He thinks it’s totally okay to indulge and no one should EVER feel guilty about having fun and being joyful. And, I agree. But we have that luxury because we DO eat very well 80% of the time. So I call it “guilt-free” indulgence. I know that I eat super-healthy most days of the week, so when we go out for burgers at Elevation Burger, and we get a side of delicious fries to share… I feel absolutely 100% happy with it. And this happens once or twice a month. I should mention there are a few other cravings I often have: Pie, Chips & Queso, Red Wine, Chocolate, and Downton Abbey. 

I guess what I mean to say is this: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t cut out all the indulgences in life. No need to be so serious! Living a healthful, active, nourishing life gives you the freedom & flexibility to do that. Chinese medicine is all about moderation and balance, and it works.