MK Pantry Staples: Gomasio

Gomasio (or gomashio) is one of those things I cannot live without. I literally shake it onto everything: salads, cooked vegetables, blanched greens, rice, sweet potatoes, beans, on top of sauces, and even on corn on the cob. It gives such a great little crunch and the perfect amount of salt for flavoring. You can buy a couple different “blends” of gomasio - especially from Eden Organic Foods - the traditional gomasio is just toasted sesame seeds mixed with sea salt, but I prefer the one that has dried seaweed flakes in the mix as well. Cause, why not? Next time you are at your natural foods store, pick up a jar and see what kind of meals you can jazz up throughout the week. I can almost guarantee that it will soon prove to be a necessity. ♥