MK Herbal Med Kit is here!


Just in time for the holidays, the MK Herbal Med Kit has arrived! This is a kit of the Top 10 most commonly used herbal remedies and first aid products available - complete with a how-to-use insert. It really is a total package. Herbs and natural medicines need to be used promptly when symptoms arise, so having these things on hand will give you maximum success in treating your family’s health naturally. This is also a great way to start building your home herbal medicine cabinet - it’s all the essentials you need to get started and turn your home into a true, all natural Medicine Kitchen - just like mine. Pretty soon you’ll be saying “Who needs Tums?!” Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside:

-Ching Wan Hun (topical ointment): The best burn cream in the universe. Also for scrapes, scratches, mild and severe burns. 

-Arnica Cream (topical ointment): For deep bruising, swelling, sprains and strains. 

-Zheng gu Shui (liquid topical rub): For trauma, pain, joint problems, sprains, and tendonitis. Combine this rub with Arnica cream for best results. 

-Yin Chiao San (tablets): Sore throat remedy. The best. 

-Ban Lan Gen (packets): Anti-viral, anti-microbial herb tea packets that help combat flu, sore throat, tonsillitis, and colds. Use with Yin Chiao tablets for best results. 

-Bi Yan Pian (teapills): Sinus congestion, Sinus pressure/pain, Sinus infection remedy. 

-Suan Zao Ren Wan (teapills): Trouble sleeping? Try this before your Melatonin or ZZZquil. 

-Curin Wan (vials): Best indigestion, reflux, and over-eating remedy. No need to feel miserable! 

-Shuangliao Houfeng San (powder): The best mouth ulcer, cold sore, sore throat, boil, abscess, or ear infection powder spray. Make a poultice for sores or spray directly down throat or into ear for infections. 

-SteviaClear Liquid (herbal sweetener): Trial size of nature’s sweetest herb. Use this liquid as a food and beverage sweetener that has no impact on your blood sugar levels. 

The MK Herbal Med Kit makes a great holiday gift and a great beginning for anyone looking to transition their home to a natural environment. Call to order/ship or purchase one at your next appointment ($75). 

MK Pantry Staples: Gomasio

Gomasio (or gomashio) is one of those things I cannot live without. I literally shake it onto everything: salads, cooked vegetables, blanched greens, rice, sweet potatoes, beans, on top of sauces, and even on corn on the cob. It gives such a great little crunch and the perfect amount of salt for flavoring. You can buy a couple different “blends” of gomasio - especially from Eden Organic Foods - the traditional gomasio is just toasted sesame seeds mixed with sea salt, but I prefer the one that has dried seaweed flakes in the mix as well. Cause, why not? Next time you are at your natural foods store, pick up a jar and see what kind of meals you can jazz up throughout the week. I can almost guarantee that it will soon prove to be a necessity. ♥