2017 MK Holiday Wish List


December is HERE. Although my anxiety can kick into high gear around this time with so much going on and sudden social obligations popping up each week it seems - it really is my favorite season of the year. Christmas was always a BIG deal in our family and what can I say, the tradition lives on inside me! I’ve been thinking of all the great health, wellness and food products I would love to give & receive this year and finally rounded some up to share with you - the Medicine Kitchen 2017 Holiday Wish List! Man I want this stuff in my stocking, under the tree, gift wrapped for my friends or family, or flown across the country to a loved one as a surprise… Many of these would be great as stocking stuffers or combine a few for the perfect wellness gift package for the health-nut person in your life. Happy holiday giving - or getting! xo


1. Lord Jones CBD Lotion: Got pain? This CBD formula from Lord Jones is non-psychoactive with no TCH, and can help with joint pain, muscle tension, skin conditions, sleep, headaches and more. Local to Austin? Available at Sabia Apothecary. 

2. Organic Hemp Meditation Cushion: A no frills minimalist meditation cushion / floor cushion that will no doubt be multi-tasking in our house as a child’s play cushion. A reminder to sit, be present, and take in a moment of gratitude and peace each day. 

3. Heart of the Forest Reishi Tea: This lovely floral blend of rose and reishi mushrooms is heavenly! A medicinal grade herbal tea that opens the heart and nourishes the spirit. Local to Austin? Available at Rituals Austin. 

4. Rose Quarts Facial Gua Sha Tool: You know I love a good gua sha tool - try a pretty rose quartz version to raise the vibration of your skincare routine! Local to Austin? Available at Take Heart Shop. 

5. Dry Brush Set: On my to do list for 2018 - more dry brushing. Stimulate your skin and lymphatic fluid for better elimination of toxic buildup. This means better health overall! 

6. Farmhouse Delivery Gift Cards: For the person who loves to cook in your life - can’t get any better than fresh farm produce delivered to your door each week! Farmhouse delivers locally to Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. 

7. Sisal Trivet: The perfect, most useful and eye-pleasing countertop accessory. 

8. Hu Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Bar: This is THE paleo - no refined sugar - dark chocolate bar for all your stocking stuffer needs. ( Thanks Kelly! )

9. Herbal Immune supplements - Oil of Oregano + Herbal Zap: I always love throwing in some herbal supplements into the stockings especially since this time of year is so full of bugs going around. Oil of oregano is such a powerful tool for fighting pathogens, and the Ayurvedic herbal zap makes a soothing cup of tea for when you feel those colds coming on! 

10. Breakaway Matcha Flight Set: The perfect way to introduce someone to the joys and flavors of matcha tea - or to try some new unique varieties you have been curious about! 

11. Raw Avocado Honey: An exceptionally dark honey that is super high in anti-oxidants and comes from the bees that pollinate the avocado trees. A divine step up from your basic raw honey staple. 

12. Living Libations Aromatherapy Apothecary Travel Set: These yummy travel blends from Living Libations can help issues like digestion, immunity and coughs, first aid skin issues, oral health and more. 

13. Moments of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh: A great book with daily mindfulness points to meditate on, ponder and practice. Local to Austin? Available at Take Heart Shop

14. Eric Bonnin mug in blue: One of my favorite mugs of all time in a new happy blue. Facilitating all your matcha, herbal tea, & cashew coffee needs. 

Hoping you all have a lovely, warm and safe holiday season. xo