Top 3 Supplements for Whole Health

I’m not a huge proponent of taking handfuls of pills for an endless amount of time. I believe our bodies are designed to obtain and absorb nutrients through whole food and drink, not capsules of different sizes and colors. That being said, often our bodies become deficient in certain nutrients due to a poor diet or too much stress on the body for too long. Our food sources are often lacking in nutrients due to poor soil nourishment and over-production of crops. So what do we do when WE become depleted and OUR FOOD is depleted as well? Sounds like a catch-22, but this is where nutritional supplements can help us. Nutritional supplements that come from sustainably produced, whole food and animal sources are the best choice for this kind of support when possible. Here are my top 3 products that will benefit most EVERYONE in this day and age - they cover the basics of macro & trace minerals, vegetable nutrients (vitamins!), and healthy fats and oils:

Whole Food Multi-Vitamin: Catalyn by Standard Process. A harmonious blend of vitamins and macro-minerals derived from plant and animal sources. Get all your concentrated whole-food nutrients in one place! 

Mineral Complex: Trace Minerals B12 by Standard Process. We can’t eat rocks. So we eat plants, because they eat rocks. Kelp is one of the best for mineral nutrients! Vital to hormone health, muscle health, and nerve health. 

Fish or Cod Liver Oil with Vitamin D: For the best quality of high-vitamin fish oil with natural vitamin D, try Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil.  I LOVE to simplify my supplements. Take these two supplements in one for even more convenience. Essential for fertility, vascular, skin, and brain health. 

So if you are looking to be healthier and replenish your body’s nutrient reserves, keep it simple & look to these 3 supplements for whole-body health and maintenance over the long term. A great strategy for the whole family!