Seasonal Kitchen: Summer

Summer is upon us here in Texas. Memorial Day weekend always marks the beginning of these hot, sweltering, dog days of everyone’s favorite season. Part of cultivating your own Medicine Kitchen is to be aware of the seasonal bounty that nature gives us each year. In looking at food this way, you begin to notice how nature intended us to eat - and the farmer’s market is the perfect place to get a feel for what’s growing! Here are some perfect TX summer foods in which we can all over-indulge in the following weeks:

Peaches: “Every day begins and ends with a peach.” Use this as your mantra over the next few weeks and buy buy buy! Think peach salads, peach parfaits, peaches and cream, snack of peach with sea salt, peach jam, grilled peach, peach crumble or crisp…. are we clear?

Tomatoes: Tender skinned, perfectly ripe, juicy sweet. A perfect summer snack with just a sprinkle of salt, or grilled as a compliment to any main dish. 

Peppers: Poblano, shishito, red chili pepper, so many colors and varieties - just check the heat level before you commit to buying a whole bunch! Use the savory mild peppers in your crudités & the hotter ones grilled or paired with sweeter items like peach or tomato for balance. 

Summer squash: Yellow squash and green zucchini are flourishing everywhere & although you may look at them and think “boring” (like me), you cannot deny their versatility! Grill kabobs, steam, saute, eat raw, puree, or bake into gratin.