*2012 Favorites: Looking Back*

This year is officially over! How are you celebrating? Below are some of my favorite Medicine Kitchen moments from 2012 - my first year writing this little blog and first year of my new home practice. Thanks to all the clients who have made my life thrive and grow this year! 

  • Still love to make variations of these bowls for a healthy dinner or lunch to go. 
  • A good reminder for me to take a breath and recognize the natural beauty around me. 
  • For some reason, I often forget about these amazing nori wrap snacks
  • Love the simplicity of this effective home remedy
  • Still find this inspiring and necessary for all to read. 
  • Kinda craving this noodle dish right now, actually. 
  • Utilizing this healing broth not only for fertility but for chronic illness, gut problems, and weak immunity. 

Things have gotten a little hectic the past couple months, but it is my goal to keep writing and experimenting with what can only be a year full of new learning adventures in our home. Here’s to a great launch of 2013. ♥